By: Francesca Castellano

What is Copyright

Copyright is a collection of rights that is granted to the author of a piece of work. This is granted as soon as the work it created. Some of the rights under the copyright is that the author has the right to sell it, change it, etc.

Types of Copyright License

Under Copyright there are five types;

Public Domain-The Copyrights have been expired since it was created, creator donated work into public domain. Ex. Classical music, classical literature

Freeware-Copyrighted work that you can copy, use, or give away for free

Ex. Internet explorer, Safari

Shareware-Copyrighted work you can copy, share and use for free but only for a limited time. Ex. Netflix free trial

All Rights Reserved-Only allows to use software to use the software as terms provided. Ex.When you buy something at BestBuy it is considered all rights

Open Source-Allows to be used freely and to modify and share. Ex. Google Chrome