Gustavo Ledesma


  • In contrast to cuneiform & hieroglyphics Harappan Language is impossible to decipher.
  • Found on stamps and seals
  • About 400 symbols
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  • Few weapons of warfare ,conflict was limited
  • Artifacts such as clay and wooden children toys
  • Some seals portray beasts with several different animal parts
  • Social division in the society was not good
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  • Rulers believed to have close ties to religion
  • Archaeologist thin culture was a Theocracy
  • Priest likely prayed for good harvest and safety for floods
  • No site of a temple
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  • Conducted a thriving trade with people in the region
  • Gold & Silver came from North Afghanistan
  • Excellent means of transportation
  • Brightly colored cotton was a desirable trade item
  • Indus river provided link with sea
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