Nuclear Fusion!


My name is Camaryn Richmond and I am working with a lab group called Fusion. We have recently discovered a way to fix our energy problems through nuclear fusion. We hope for this discovery to power not only small areas, but large areas also.

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion produces energy by a reaction between two lighter atomic nuclei fusing together to form a heavier nucleus. When combined, a large amount of energy is produced. Nuclear Fusion is both similar and different than nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is the splitting of atoms instead of them being fused together. They both create large amounts of energy, but nuclear fusion's energy is substantially larger. A huge difference is the fact that they are used for different things. Nuclear fusion is used for producing power, while nuclear fission is used for nuclear power plants.

Safety Concerns and Precautions

The reason nuclear fusion hasn't become popular is because of the safety concerns and precautions. The waste continues to be radioactive for 50-100 years and nuclear fusion can be used in nuclear bombs. Also, there is a risk of releasing tritium and heat pollution is given off in high amounts.

Economic Impacts

With nuclear fusion becoming more popular, energy production will dramatically increase. Because of this increase, energy costs will decrease. This also will cause the energy market to get bigger, allowing more jobs to become available. With this energy source, the world will have to rely less on fossil fuels, but now can rely on a clean energy source that will never run out.