Jessi'kah's Newsletter

A little bit about me and my winterbreak.

Christmas Break for the Ford's and A little about me:

Me and my family always spend Christmas Break together, doing fun activities, but this year was slightly different. I am on the highschool swim team, so I had to be responsible for my actions while at home as well as at practice. I didn't get to do as much this year, concidering swim practice took up a lot of my time. (Though I skipped a whole week. Yeah, I know. I was a bit lazy.) After swim practice, I'd show up at home, do chores which consists of cleaning the kitchen, feeding and watering 23 animals, clean the kitchen again, and feed the indoor animals. Usually, we would be out an about, looking at peoples Christmas lights, Donating money to animal shelters, and helping shovel snow. Instead, I spent my time swimming, cleaning, cooking, feeding, cleaning again, and watching after my siblings. (The sad part is, I am the 2nd youngest and I have to make sure my 21 year old sister is behaving. LOL!) I am a pretty responsible person, so my mom trusts me with just about anything. We did celebrate Christmas like we normally do. At 9 in the morning, we'd unwrap all of our presents, go to my aunts, eat food, unwrap those presents, and go to sleep for a good early morning for work. I got a total of only 2 days off for Christmas break, we're a pretty busy family. I have a lot of hobbies. I like swimming, drawing, writing, singing, and just about anything that deals with art. I love living on a farm, though I technically don't live in the country. I will be soon. I have a rather large family. I have 3 brothers, 2 sisters, and my two parents. I was adopted by my dad, but my mom is my birth mom. My mom is a blonde (Literally and metally.) but I love her to death. My father is a heavy redneck, wanting to take us bad to his home town, LittleRock, Arkansas. Though my dad didn't get his wish for LittleRock, we do have a little chunk of land down in Arkansas that we are going to move to VERY soon. So excited! i am not a city kind of person, I'd rather be out in the sticks, brushing mules, feeding pigs, hunting with my dad, and just have a good ol' time with my family. I'm also not a huge fan of technology. I'd rather go with the organic and natural way. I am religious, but don't be scared of me, I accept people for being who they are. This year, my New Years resolution is to help my family and just about anyone I can in anyway that I can. When I grow up, as much as I like the sound of it, I don't want to be a swimmer, an art teacher, or even a righter. I want to be a Nature Photographer! Anything about the nature... Plants, Animals, Rocks! Anything! As long as it is from the nature and I can have an adventure through the whole process. Though the city folk don't like us country folk much, I am always looking for a way to say "Howdy!"