Colonial Rule in Southeast Asia

Chapter 14.1 Project By: Grace Kime

Our mission

We are in a time of Imperialism, which is the extension of a nations power over other kinds to gain an economic advantage. This included establishing colonies and trader posts, so we need people to go there and help us. You can help your country by going and starting a new life in a new land. We are working on Protectorate. Protectorate is when a political unit depends on another government for protection. You could go to a new land while still be protected by your dependable mother land.

Your Job

Direct rule is the removal of existing political leaders and replace them with a new set of officials from the mother country. You could go and be one of the newest officials in a colony. Living in an under under direct rule is much safer than living in a colony under indirect rule. Indirect rule the existing rulers are allowed to maintain their position of authority in a new colony setting. You could go and be one of the newest officials where it be a governor or a tax collect. Do your part and go and help your mother land.

Why we need your help

We are not the only country dealing with Imperialism. The United States of America, Spain, and France are all trying to gain territory as well. The United States of America just defeated a Spanish fleet in Manila Bay for control of the right to colonize thanks to their naval commander, Commodore George Dewey. We need your help to inhabit the lands we are colonizing so no other countries can rip our right to that land away. This is also yet another example of social darwinism. If Great Britain stays back and does not expand we will be weak and lose to our enemies because only the strong survive. If we want to remain the strongest, most undefeatable force we must expand.

What is our success and where have we colonized?

So far we have been very successful with our colonization. They only people had have turn us away were King Mongkut and King Chulalongkorn of Thailand. However they still are promoting western ideas and are friendly with European powers. Also Emilio Aguinaldo is leading the Philippine's Independence movement. We believe it is crazy for them to turn away at the chance for us to improve their lives. The places we have colonized had experienced improvements in many areas of life. We have successful colonized Singapore (thanks to Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles), the kingdom of Burma, and India.

What is our chief goal?

Our main goal is to expand our wonderful country in hope of gaining more wealth. From participating in imperialism we hope we can increase the amount of natural resources our country has control of. From the lands we have already settle in we have gained more tin, timber and sugar, but with you help we can go to more lands and gain more resources. The constant expansion and gaining of natural resources will help make Great Britain an unstoppable force. We also can create relationships with new countries which will stronger our country and increase the power of our allies. By going to new countries we can also get more labor for the growing number of factories at home and for labor in the growing number of mines in our colonies. Great Britain is so determined is so determined to colonize Southeast Asia because it can provide us with more wealth. We can send our fine factory made goods into Southeast Asia and receive raw materials that will continue to to help grow our economy.