The Great Bolivia

By Shahmir R.

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Background Information

The capital of Bolivia is La Paz

The four major cities in Bolivia are Santa Crus de la Sierra, Cochabamba, La Paz, and Sucre.

Bolivia was captured by Spain, but got it's independence on 6th August 1825.

Bolivia is still independent.

Bolivia speaks Spanish.

The green on the flag represents fertility of the land, the red represents bravery and national heroes and yellow represents mineral resources.

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Geographical Information

Bolivia is north of Argentina and southwest of Mexico.

Some physical features of Bolivia are Rio Mamore, Rio Beni, Lake Titicaca, Altiplano and Andes platue.

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Political Information

Bolivia has a constitutional republic government.

The President is President Juan Evo Morales

Economic Information

Bolivia uses Boliviano.

Bolivia has a socialism economic system.

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Tourist Information

Visit Bolivia for tasty food, beautiful wildlife encounters, great history, cultural experiences, fiestas, geographical marvels, and adventures.

Tourists should go to Reserva Eduardo, Cerro Rica, Sucre, Oruro carnival, lake Titicaca, and Tiwanaku.

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