Very Important Reminders

A reminder of general policies & your Parent Handbook

We thank you in advance. Please Read thoroughly.

As we end our school year it is natural that we start to relax in a sense. Students begin to challenge the rules for the school year and, we as adults, tire. However, we would like to kindly ask you to take the following into consideration as we begin our classroom day;

  • Please consider having your child here no later than 9 am not to disrupt the classroom. If you can not be here by 9 am please be sure to quietly walk your child into class so that focused students stay focused on their teachers and the task at hand. Students will NOT be accepted into school no later than 11 am. In addition, for the safety of your child, children will NO LONGER be allowed to "say goodbye" at the front desk. You MUST walk your child to class and leave them with a teacher.
  • Morning Snack is served at 8:45 am. Students who come between 7 and 830 am may bring their breakfast to school. If your child is dropped off after 8:30 they MUST finish their food from home before entering the classroom. Food from home should ONLY be sent for lunch.
  • Lunch should NOT contain any high sugar foods or candy- this will be sent back home if in lunch box. Please be sure to provide proper utensils for your child if needed.
  • Students MUST come to school with a blanket for nap time. Please be sure to label your child's items. Nap Items MUST fit in the cubby, If they do not, they are too big and a smaller item should be packed for school. (Please refrain from sending large stuffed animals and pillows)
  • DO NOT place your child's nap items in a pile on top of the cots. This is one of the major ways germs and, potentially, lice can be spread. Again, your child's items MUST fit in their cubby. The cubbies are specifically designed to fit your child's nap items on the bottom (white portion of the bin) and the green, their lunch.

Again, Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. Should you have any questions feel free to contact me at the school.


Aimee Muldoon