Quotation Marks

4th Grade: Dr. Wise

I can use quotation marks correctly in dialogue.

Directions: Take one page of notes using this website about quotation marks. You can copy the digital posters about quotation marks. You can write sentences that use quotation marks. You can draw pictures to illustrate your work. Take notes and give your one page of notes to your teacher at the end of the week. This website should take you one week to finish. Go in order 1-9.

1. Video

2. Read the digital poster about quotation marks.

Big picture

3. Flocabulary Assignment

Flocabulary Directions:

1. Click on Flocabulary Assignments to go to the Flocabulary website, click on Join a class
2. Type in this code: P26T7F
3. Group: 4th Grade (Dr. Wise)
4. Use your computer username
5. Use your computer password and the first
and last initial in your name (example: 9876765tw)

*I will see your scores. Do your best. I will take a grade on one of the assignments that you do; the best scoring assignment.

4. Digital Poster

Read the digital poster below about quotation marks.

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5. Digital Worksheet

Complete the Digital Workheet on Quotation Marks Below

Use notebook paper to write your answers down. Give your work to your teacher to check.

6. Digital Poster

Read the Digital Poster about Quotation Marks Below

Big picture

7. Play the Rags to Riches Quotation Mark Game Below

8. Take the Digital Quotation Mark Quiz Below

9. Click on the Quizlet Quotation Mark Link Below

1. Do the flashcards

2. Pick a game to play