Character Analysis: Brutus

by Alex Reames


Brutus is really one of the main leaders in the play and you see him try and prove all of his points and get what he wants. He says a lot of stuff about doing what is right for his people and Rome but always ends up hurting his cause more than helping. I think he is kind of a more self centered person in the play because most of the time he only does things for his own benefit. He also doesn’t really know who his friends are because he lets Antony talk at the funeral and that doesn’t work out. Then he gets mad at Cassius and says he is a traitor because he doesn’t really trust anyone. All in all Brutus mostly just causes problems and doesn’t really help anything in the play and doesn’t do so well being a leader.

Describing Words:

Leader: He has to end up leading and making decisions in the play.

Ally: He becomes allies with Cassius and has to try and work with someone else.

Anger: He is angered pretty easily during the play.

Paranoid: He doesn’t really trust anyone but himself.

Committed: He is always committed to doing what he thought was right and what he thought needed to be done.


Are there still two living Romans like these two?

The last of all the Romans, farewell!

It is impossible that Rome will ever

Bring up anyone like you. Friends, I owe more tears

To this dead man than you will see me pay.

-Act 5 Scene 3