Ha Long Bay



Situated in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay consists of over 2000 limestone islets and islands in the emerald waters of the Golf of Tonkin.

Ha Long Bay (UNESCO/TBS)


Ha Long Bay was World Heritage listed in 1994, meaning that the 'World Heritage Committee' considers it to have an outstanding universal value. Being one of seven World Heritage listed sites in Vietnam, and only one of two natural sites on the list, it is a not only a popular tourist destination in Vietnam, but the number one attraction in the north-east.

What if Ha Long bay wasn't heritage listed?

Would it still be a popular tourist destination?


Legend says, that the Ha Long Bay islands were created by a great dragon from the mountains. This is where the name originates from, which is, when translated into English, "where the dragon descends into the sea."

Ha Long Bay has helped to stop the Chinese navy invading Vietnam, not once, but three times. Many of the bay's channels were mined by the US navy during the Vietnam war, and many are still unexploded.

What if the mines were to explode?

What kind of damage would it cause?

What if it wiped out Ha Long Bay completely?

What sort of effect would that play on Vietnam and their tourism?


Ha Long Bay is home to many species of animals, fish and plant life.

With the amount of visitors to the area increasing every year, mangroves and seagrass have been cleared for jetties and wharves, damaging the environmental status of Ha Long Bay.

What would happen if certain species were to become extinct from Ha Long Bay?

What effect would it have on the eco-system and environment?

What if it caused a drop in tourism?


Since Ha Long Bay is a part of Vietnam, the currency is the Vietnam Dong.

In 2011 Halong Bay suffered from the global economic crisis which has effected the form of transport, making it harder for tourists. However, since then, they have come back with better, more classy, clean looking boats, making it far more appealing for the 6 million visitors each year.

What if Ha Long Bay were to improve their transport system?

Would it bring in more tourists?

Would it cause a loss for the locals?