2 Book Report

By: Akshara

Basic Information

Book Name: Divergent

Name of Author: Veronica Roth

Number of Pages: 496 pages

Genre: Science Fiction

Lexile: 700L

Major Character

The character that changed the most throughout the book is Beatrice, Tris for short. She is the main character in the book. At the beganning of the book Tris is in Abnegation ( a group of people who believe that being selfless will prevent war.) In the middle of the book she switched to Dauntless. ( a group of people who believe that being courageous will prevent war.) So at the beginning of the book she was a shy girl who helped others a lot but at the end of the book she was a girl who risked her life a lot and did very dangerous things.( was not shy anymore.) This happened because she felt like she did not fit in abnegation so she switched to Dauntless.

Minor Character

A character who is minor but has a major role is Caleb. He is Tris's older brother. He only comes into the book at the very end but he is the one who reveals or gives clues about the bad peoples' evil plans.

Ending of the Book

Divergent is a series so I think that the ending was like a cliff hanger and made you want to know what happened next. I think it was a very good way to get readers to read the next book in the series which is Insurgent. The book just ended with suspense. So I think that there was a very good ending to Divergent and it motivated me to read Insurgent.

The Book Trailer

Divergent Book Trailer

This is my additional video of Shailene Woodley (Tris) getting interviewed about the movie Divergent

Shailene Woodley Interview Divergent HD