The Pine - June 2020

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Another year is behind us, and an unusual one is an understatement. The Pine takes a summer hiatus but will be back in August. However, we have an important message from our president for the past two years.

We wholeheartedly thank Lisa for her service to AAUW-Minnesota as she led us with passion and enthusiasm as she navigated through her tenure always looking forward to the future.

A final message from our president, Lisa West

Dear Members,

As I think back over the past two years, I’m finding it hard to pinpoint what I enjoyed most about my time as your AAUW MN President. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting a variety of branches for a variety of reasons. It was such a pleasure to meet so many special and dedicated members from across the State. I truly enjoyed working with the other members of the AAUW MN Board – such a wonderful, talented, giving group of people! And in these very serious times, perhaps it was also the moments I was forced to laugh at myself – like messing up the order of events at the Grand Rapids State Convention, where I also admitted to inadvertently wearing two different socks! If I took myself too seriously, I’d never stop to laugh at and appreciate the mistakes I’ve made, and simply learn from them and move on – which is something I try to do in my life.

This year ended strangely. I appreciate the flexibility and innovation you embraced as we tried to conduct business is ways some of us never have. To those who participated in the election of officers and needed approvals – thank you.

One thing I regret is not having gotten an AAUW MN Strategic Plan in place before I leave office. It’s my intention to continue to work on that and provide the 2020-2021 Board with a draft to move forward with and share with you when it’s ready for your feedback and consideration.

Thank you for everything. You honored me with your support, your laughter, your comradery, your wonderful and varied talents, your enthusiasm and passion for the issues at the forefront of our continuing fight for equality for women and girls, and for your commitment to AAUW’s mission. It’s been my honor and pleasure to serve as your AAUW MN President.

Please take good care of yourself.

My final quote for you is something I truly believe.

June Quote: “Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.” ~ Winnie Ojanga

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