End of Term Technicals

I.T. work scheduled over the summer :

  • EAL shared space - 2 x network points are being installed to stablise access to network from PCs
  • all Netbooks will be reimaged and Flash, etc. updated
  • ICT Lab - some wiring work will be done & monitors/tables tweaked
  • BSN - Windows updates across the organisation will be done.

What does this mean for me ?

  • EAL/lab - no impact
  • Netbooks - if you have one in your room, they must be brought back to the netbook store by Weds 17th, so they can be audited.
  • BSN laptops - if you have a laptop, be aware that when you return after summer there will be considerable updates which start when you log on. It'd be advisable to log on at work a day or so before you wish to use them to enable updates to roll and not cause you delays.
  • Science/DT laptops - Ri/DLers to run updates on these
  • IWBs - if there are any issues that you have not yet told us about, now is the time! Please task them asap and let Ri know.

Equipment Amnesty

Next week some Digital Leaders will be coming around to collect any equipment that did not make it back to store so that we are ready for September, e.g.

  • chargers, batteries, Beebots, microphones, sound buttons, extra mice
  • please let them know if you have any broken equipment, e.g. headphones that need replacing

Thankyou for your support with all of the above,

Rachel Iles

Learning Technology Manager