Mathew B. Brady

By: Max Kean

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Mathew Brady (1822-1896) was an American Civil War photographer. He was so talented he was named the "Father of Photojournalism". Mathew Brady took pictures of politicians, battles of the Civil War, and much more. When Mathew Brady was young he was introduced to an artist named William Page who was a famous painter. Through William Page the young Brady met a brilliant man named Samuel Morse. Morse tutored Mathew Brady in the art of daguerreotypes. Brady opened up a small studio in New York City where he photographed politicians, and whomever wanted their picture taken. He also made daguerreotype frames and cases in this store. A couple of years later Brady opened up a shop in Washington DC. there he really became famous and was recognized for his skills. He took pictures of politicians there. He won a very important medal for his skillful daguerreotypes. Some years later he opened up a studio in New York. A couple famous names who he photographed were President Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allen Poe, and James Fennimore Cooper. At the first glimpse of war Brady established the fact that he was going to document the life changing event. Brady got together a staff of twenty photographers who all helped him take pictures of the war. Brady himself only went to a couple of the major events such as Antietam, The battle of Bull Run, and The battle of Gettysburg. During the war Brady accumulated lots and lots of war debt investing in his documentation. Brady was nearly bankrupt after he finished his gallery. He ended up selling all of the pictures in the gallery for only 25,000 dollars, just enough to pay off the debt. He later died and is now buried in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington DC.

Brady and Lincoln

When Mathew Brady took Lincoln’s election photo, this dispelled rumours of Lincoln being a tall awkward figure. A year later after the event, Lincoln told, Brady how much he had appreciated Bradys photo. Lincoln even said that Mathew Brady made him president.

Top 5 facts about Mathew B. Brady

  1. Mathew Brady was a Civil War photographer who excelled in the art of daguerreotypes.
  2. He made political figures win more publicity.
  3. He made a large difference when Abraham Lincoln was running for president.
  4. He is considered to be the father of photojournalism.
  5. He made little to no money while taking pictures during the Civil War.
Mathew Brady's Vision