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Week of April 5, 2021

A Message From Mr. Schulz

Dear Auburn Elementary Families,

This is a tough note to write. It will be succinct and to-the-point, but please know the emotions behind it are bigger than what you will read in this message.

I have had the tremendous honor of serving as principal of Auburn Elementary for the past few years, which is the reason that writing this brief letter is so difficult. I am resigning my position as principal of Auburn Elementary School at the end of the current school year. On Friday, April 9, my resignation will be included in the personnel section of the district board meeting agenda that will take place on Wednesday, April 14.

Superintendent Lee-Alva will be setting up meetings during the week of April 12 for families and staff. At these meetings, you will be able to provide feedback regarding the qualities and characteristics you want for the next principal of Auburn Elementary School. I encourage you to participate and provide your input.

It has been a genuine privilege to have served as your principal. I am especially proud of the positive relationships I developed with our wonderful students and their parents. This is truly a special community, and I will surely miss working with each and every one of you. I wish the very best for the families of the Auburn Elementary community and the future education of the children. Please continue to do what's best for the kids, take care of one another, and look out for one another.

If I can be of any assistance during our last couple months together, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Zack Schulz

New Playground Structures are Here!

The long wait is finally over! The new playground structures were installed over spring break!

It needs to be understood that we must follow some new safety guidelines. Please talk with your child about the following new playground rules and expectations:

1. Use hand sanitizer before and after playing on the structures (sanitizer will be made


2. No more than 10 students on a structure at any given time, 1 student per swing, and 1 student per fitness playground station.

3. Wait your turn, and be sure to allow others to have a chance to play.

4. The playground will be available during recess only. Before school, students are still expected to walk the Morning Mile, sit on a dot and read a book, or get breakfast from the Cafeteria.

Staff will observe and implement the following supervision guidelines:

1. Teachers will teach students about the new playground rules and expectations.

2. One teacher on duty will monitor number of students on the structure and hand sanitizer use.

3. Custodial staff will sanitize the play structures daily, in the afternoon/early evening.

California State Testing for 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades Starts April 26th

California’s English-Language Arts and Math standards – the things we want students to know and be able to do – are designed so students graduate ready for college and a career. One way we measure their progress is through computer-based assessments, which students across California in grades 3-8 and 11 take each spring. These tests were created specifically to gauge each student’s performance in mathematics and English language arts/literacy as they develop – grade by grade – the skills called for by the standards, including the ability to write clearly, think critically and solve problems.

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will take the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) English-Language Arts and Mathematics state tests in the morning during the weeks of April 26 and May 3.

We ask that families please avoid planning any trips that would result in students missing school during these weeks.

Additionally, please schedule any medical or dental appointments in the afternoon so students are able to take the test in the morning.

Thank you!

Addressing Concerns and Formal Complaints


Parents/guardians enjoy great relationships with their student's teachers, principal, and other professionals at school. However, sometimes questions or concerns arise. When this happens, what should you do? Here's a simple guide to our complaint resolution process. Keep in mind everyone has the same goal: student's best interests.

  1. Where do I Start ?
    Start with your student's teacher, counselor, nurse or other professional. Disputes and misunderstandings are often best resolved in person and may be the result of miscommunication. Often, misunderstandings can be cleared up or issues addressed through a courteous conversation at the school level.

  2. If the issue isn't resolved, talk to a school administrator
    You may feel you were unable to resolve the issue with school staff. In this case, you should schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss the situation with your school's assistant principal or principal.

  3. Last step, contact the District Office
    If you still feel there has not been a satisfactory resolution after exhausting all efforts in the steps outlined above, including discussing the situation with the principal, please contact the district office. If you have not taken the steps above to resolve the issue with the school, you may be referred back to the school site.

How to Resolve a Complaint

The first step in resolving a complaint is to start with the process outlined above.

Some issues may need to follow a more formal process and may fall under the Uniform Complaint Procedures, Williams Uniform Complaint, or a Complaint Concerning District Employees.

Uniform Complaint Procedures (Board Policy/Administrative Regulation 1312.3)

Some matters lie within the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) scope. A UCP is a written statement alleging unlawful discrimination, or failure to comply with a violation of a federal and/or state law in regards to specific categorical programs. A complaint must be filed by way of the UCP as written in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sections 4600-4687.

General Complaint: Goes to Human Resources and Human Resources routes to the appropriate department/person.

UCP Complaint: Discrimination, harassment, or violation of the law. Goes to our superintendent and can access through our website.

Williams: Three types: instructional materials - Director of C&I; facilities - Director of M&O; assignments - Human Resources.

Bullying: Goes to Principal first to investigate and resolve if unresolved it then to the Director of Student Services or to whomever is designates in Student Services to investigate and resolve.

Title IX - sexual harassment: Students = Director of Student Services, Staff = Human Resources

Phase 4 Reopening - April 19!

Auburn Elementary is pleased to announce that we will be transitioning to a full-day, five-day-a-week schedule on Monday, April 19, 2021.

Increasing instructional time is the result of the tireless work of our staff in evaluating the numerous guidance documents, examining challenges moving forward, and determining the best path forward for our students and staff. Phase 4 will increase in-person instruction, honor the California Department of Public Health guidance, and continue to maintain a safe and healthy environment on our campus.

Members Wanted - AUSD Parent/Guardian Advisory Group

We are seeking parents and guardians to represent Auburn Elementary School on the Auburn Union School District Parent/Guardian Advisory Group. This group will meet with our district superintendent regularly throughout the school year to discuss concerns and ideas for AUSD schools and provide the district with valuable feedback and input from the perspective of our parents and guardians. Please email Principal Schulz and Secretary Kelly Loveall if interested.

Updated COVID-19 Guidance

Placer County Office of Education and Placer Department of Health and Human Services have updated guidance regarding the number of days to quarantine. Please refer to the links below for more information.

Quarantine is for people who have been exposed to COVID-19, and who could become infected and spread the disease to others. Quarantine is for a minimum of 10 days (can be shortened from 14) from the last known exposure. See quarantine guidance and additional CDPH guidance. As to distancing following return to school on days 11-14, CDPH states: “Ideally, the school would find a way to keep 6 feet distance or adopt some kind of hybrid scheduling to allow for 6 feet distancing for close contacts returning from quarantine for days 11-14 (example: a stable group returns from quarantine at the same time).” Schools may continue 14-day quarantine if they cannot meet the ideal scenario.

Placer County Health & Human Services Drive-Through Wellness Fair for Grades TK-K

Saturday, April 10th, 9-10am

3885 Richardson Drive

Auburn, CA

Our county's Health & Human Services Department are hosting the event Saturday, April 10th, and are targeting families with children in transitional kindergarten (TK) and kindergarten classes at Auburn Elementary and Rock Creek Elementary, as well as children in

Head Start, Early Head Start, and State Preschools in the Auburn area.

During this drive-thru event, all COVID-19 precautions and social distancing policies will

be in place. Bilingual staff will be at each station to provide services and


Stations include nutrition and oral health education, information about tobacco cessation and substance abuse prevention, healthy snack bags from the Placer Food Bank, and food assistance resources (CalFresh/WIC).

In addition, local dental professionals will provide a basic dental assessment that fulfills the

Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment requirement, or AB 1433. Parents will be given a

form that they can then turn in to your school for reporting purposes. Fluoride varnish

applications will also be offered to children to help with cavity prevention.

By appointment only. Please call (916)784-6447 to schedule and appointment.

Includes the following:

  • Youth dental assessments (fulfills school Oral Health Assessment requirement
  • Snack bags
  • Nutrition resources
  • Dental supplies
  • Cook books
...and much more!

Masks will be required, and social distancing measures will be in place.

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