Synovia - GPS Tracking

How - To Guide on the Synovia Tracking System

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In this flyer you will learn How - To:

  • Download the Synovia Application
  • Login to Synovia (Chrome or FireFox Browser)
  • Check the last time a vehicle was active
  • Join Synovia Webinar for additional training
  • Contact Synovia Support

Download the Synovia Mobile App :)

Login to Synovia Solutions

Use Chrome or Firefox only

Open up in Chrome or Firefox browser:

Bookmark this website to your desktop.

Login Name: Full Goose Creek CISD email address

Password: You will be emailed your password

Account Number: 73539

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Check to see the last Event Timestamp

Webinar Trainings

Need Synovia Support Help?

GCCISD Synovia Account Representative is:

CSM: Nick Rogowski

Phone: 703-597-3183



Joe O'Dell

Account Manager

Synovia Solutions

317-208-1700 Direct

317-373-4109 Mobile

Synovia Support Line: 1-877-SYNOVIA (1-877-796-6842)