Earth's System - Spheres

By Arielis Hernandez


The prefix "hydro" from "hydrosphere" means water. It can be found in rivers, lakes, oceans, and groundwater. And yes, there are a lot of places where those places can be found because 70% of Earth's surface is water and 97% is saltwater. That's a lot of water!


The prefix "bio" in "biosphere" means life. Do you know what makes up biosphere? Living organisms make up biosphere, like plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi. But in order to have these living things they need food, energy, water, and oxygen/carbon dioxide. We can find living things anywhere whether it's a fish, person, or even trees.


The prefix "atmo" in "atmosphere" means vapor. This is made up of air-mixture of gases like these:

- Nitrogen- 78%

- Oxygen- 21%

- Other gases- 1%

The atmosphere protects earth from the sun, which is not part of our atmosphere. No, the sun is not part of the atmosphere, it's just a light source. If you want an example, don't name the sun, but name weather. That's a very great example.


The prefix "geo" in "geosphere" means earth. There are 3 parts of earth and that is the crust, mantle, and the core. There are mostly rocky, solid parts of the earth and it changes over time caused by erosion and weathering.


The prefix "cryo" in "cryosphere" means icy cold. Cold as in everything that is frozen like ice, snow, glaciers, and icebergs. These are mostly found in places like Antarctica and the arctic. They can also be found in your slushies!

How the spheres interact in a Tsunami

The tsunami reaches shallow water which makes the water's height increase. What takes place there is geosphere and hydrosphere. Waves push to people animals and plants because of energy and water. What takes place there is atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere. People are fleeing for safety. What takes place there is biosphere. Homes and buildings caught fire and trees are gone. What takes place here is hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, and biosphere. The japan tsunami broke huge icebergs of Antarctica. What takes part of this is cryosphere and geosphere. These are the spheres that take place in a tsunami.
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All of the 5 Spheres


The sphere's of earth are very important to science because earth is a very important subject to understand and learn about. Hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, and cryosphere are what we can find anywhere whether it's outside or on the internet. It's still an interesting subject to learn about.