Save The Cuteness of Harp Seals

By: Ava M 5C

Food Chain for Harp Seals

There are many food chains but Harp Seals is the most interesting. The food chain shown below has a decomposer, a producer and a few consumers. These sea creatures all effect the food chain because without one another these animals can't survive.
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Food web for Harp Seals

The food webs of a Harp Seal are very unique. All the organisms depend on the sun for food. The is used by many different types of animals to stay alive. The polar bears and whales hunt down the Harp Seals for food. Like many animals hunt other animals for food. Food webs explain how animals depend on other animals to survive.
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Abiotic and Biotic Factors

The biotic and abiotic factors for seals are living and non-living things. The biotic factors for Harp Seals are shrimp, krill, prawns, red fish, ect. The abiotic factors for Harp seals are mostly snow, water, ice, ect. The Biotic and Abiotic factors are very different and very unique in the same way.
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Interesting Facts

An adult male is called a Bull, an adult female is called a Cow and a young seal is called a Pup. Another fact is adult Harp Seals an grow to be approximately 5 to 6 feet long and can weigh up to 300 to 400 pounds.
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Harp Seal Animal Quiz

This video that we picked is a quiz about Harp Seals for the adiunce to awnser. It is a true or false quiz with very easy and very hard questions
Harp Seal Animal Quiz for Kids


You should not kill these adorable creatures because some really really mean people KIILL them and they don't take the fur, they only take the meat that is in the bones. Plus they leave their pore bodies on the ice. If Harp Seals were under populated everything that the Harp Seals eat would get over populated. If the Harp Seals get over populated the Polar Bears would get to fat and die of fatness. The humans would have no more seals to hunt so the humans would hunt other animals and those animals would get extinct.
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Predicting Changes In the Seals Ecosystem

Around the Arctic Ocean if the ecosystem for seals were changed it would be very crazy!!

If there were to many seals the boar bears would get to fat and big which is good for them, but bad for the seals and Arctic cod and they would get close to being extinct. If the seals were less tan the polar bears could starve and fight over the seals because they are In the same ecosystem. With to many seals and too less of seals their ecosystem would change a lot for them and other animals.