Mission San Jose

Maria De Jesus

Mission Histoy

The year it was built was in 11,1797. Mission San Jose is the 14th. who built was the Costanoan. The founders are the Costanoan and the Ohlone. The important date is 1795 they crossed an erected. The location of it is east side of San Francisco Bay.

Daily Life

Who lived in there was the Miwok and the Yukuts. The person who was in charge was the Patwin. The people who did the jobs was the Ohlone. The kind of jobs are cooing and hunting. The kind of crops is corn. The school was attended with a church person. There was church's where they went. The only time they hade free time was at 9:00 and 8:00 sometimes.



They used bells, glass,wood,copper,large buttresses,rise and even more items to built Mission San Jose. A lot of them started to stay their . Because they liked what was their.so all of the families stayed their.

Mission Today