Education and Computers

By: Janeth Lauriano

Thesis Statement:

Technology is not a bizarre to see, but part of human society used for entertainment and possibly used to alter the way we learn and it's environment.

Technology in the class room

Giving these tools to students gives them the power to learn and work in a way that seems less stressful and at the same time gives them the upper hand on assignments (chase). Letting students explore through technology and reaching their goal on their own time is beneficial to learning (O'Keefe).

Introducing programs that are muti-languaged help foriegn students learn the current language quickly and effeciently (Chase).


Giving the student the choice to look at school work from a different point of view gives a positive energy that both teachers and students can work with (D.L).

Teachers and Computers:

Teaching with computers gives the students something more entertaining to look at so the student is more willing to learn and pay attention.