Education and Technology

A connection found in schools all across the United States!

Positive Effects of Using Technology in classrooms

Allowing online access in classrooms can have good effects on the students attending the class. Students have the chance to use online learning resources, and teachers can increase the education productivity (how fast they learn) by quickening the rate of learning.

Negative Effects of Using Technology in Classrooms

Allowing students to use technology during class can also have negative effects! Students can overuse technology by playing too many games, even if they are learning related. Sometimes a lesson from their teacher can be much better because it gives the learner to ask questions instead of being pressed to get the answer right in a certain amount of time. Technology is not always best.

Online or Physical Lessons?

Having your lesson in a classroom with a teacher could have some advantages. If you are physically there, you can ask questions and understand what you are learning because you have a teacher who can help you if you need help. But having an online lesson can also be a good idea. When having an online lesson you are taught what you need to know, then may be given a few problems to solve, then you are quizzed when you think you are ready. But thanks to new technological advances (Email, Texts, Etc.) you can now get help from a teacher at your computer! Online lessons and physical lessons both allow contact with teachers and the knowledge you need, but online lessons can take less time to learn your stuff.

Places it's found

This connection is found in many different places. One example is where you are right now. You are at using this computer (or other form of Technology) to learn (Education) about a connection found at different places.

What I think

I think that together Education and Technology (Or as I say EduTech) can accomplish many things. Physical lessons are boring and time consuming, and overusing technology isn't the best thing to do, but with the right amount of Physical and Online lessons can be the beginning of a new era of quicker, better learning!