What is Science

Chapter 1

Scientific inquiry refers to the many ways in which scientists study the natural world and purpose explanations based on evidence they gather.
As Scientists seek to understand the natural world, they use skills such as observing, inferring, and predicting.
Vocab words : observing - using your senses to gather information. inferring - making an educated guess based on observation. predicting - Making a forecast on what will happen in the future based on past evidence. scientific inquiry - Asking questions about what you observe. energy - The ability to do work or cause change. Lithosphere - Solid, rocky outer layer, our continents and smaller land masses. Biosphere - All living things extends into other three.
the Earth's system has four parts.
The lines of latitude and longitude on a map form a grid that can be used to find any location on earth.
When any accident occurs, no matter how minor, notify your teacher immediately.