By: Kiyana Durrah

Why should we eat breakfast every morning?

Well in this article I want the reader to know/understand why it is good to eat breakfast every morning and why is it good for your body.

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Some children who often eat breakfast have a higher IQ than those who only eat breakfast on a occasion. It will associate with positive behavior and achievements within' the students as well during school.


There were rates of obesity among breakfast skippers. In one study, people who moved a large percentage of their energy intake to their morning meal had lower weights compared to people who ate most of their energy later that day.


Breakfast consumptions can also can protect your bones but if you don't eat the things that will make your body better than your body will loose it's nutria needs and most of it's iron inside the body.


Not eating breakfast is a stressful state for the body so if you don't eat it you'll become really grumpy and tired doing the week that you will usually have school or work. How do I know this? Studies shown that not eating when you wake up amplifies to stress because of not eating it as much as you need to , to gain those proteins and calories that your body needs.

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Most people who do not eat breakfast may suffer fatigue and irrability through out the mornings. Tired and grouchy kids wont perform their best, and if you're fatigued and irritable your work performance will suffer extremely and it can be unpleasant for someone in the work force to always be tired and not wanting to do anything that will show your boss that you are not ready for that type of work and will get fired.

The new study of Harvard looked at the health records and most of the problems are not eating breakfast in the morning it could all be so simple if more people would eat their daily meal but really the most important reason why you should eat always eat breakfast is because basically it helps your body running in the direction that it needs to be.