Week 15: FINAL Video Project

EDCI 318 Fall 2018: Several parts, read carefully!

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It is the end of the semester (15 weeks total)

Actually, it is the end of an extremely productive semester for the majority of you. I know you have been frustrated at times, and that is ok, think about it, if you already knew everything you wouldn't be here.

Additionally, remember you are learning to do things like a TEACHER and need to stop thinking like a student.

I have enjoyed having you in class this semester online and on campus. As you know we did a little experiment using Seesaw this fall. This was more of an experiment for me than you, but I am happy with Seesaw. I am going to make a change for spring. Instead of students joining MY Seesaw, they will create their own account at a teacher and publish to their own Seesaw blog. This will give them URL to post in Canvas. The challenge was not grading when turned in on time, it was when assignments were turned in late. Putting the blog URL for the assignment in canvas gives me a notification that there is an assignment to grade. I am explaining this because it is important for you to understand that sometimes you need to try something, find the pitfalls and then figure out a way to change and improve. That is exactly what I am doing.

YES: if you turned it in,

YES: if you turned it in, it will be graded before grades are finalized. Next week, after this last final assignment has been turned in, I will wade through all your assignments in Seesaw and Padlet to make sure I have a grade for everything. If you turned things in LATE they will be counted for points, just not full points. But they will be graded. So please be patient, if turned in late, it takes time to get to it with 150 students.

This is your final reflection project and hopefully, it will DEMONSTRATE TO YOU that you have learned and accomplished a great deal this semester and that you are a little braver when it comes to technology and a little more a little willing to try something new.

You learned about Clips in your recent Everyone Can Create project. Chapter 1 Video

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Clips Tips Tutorial Version 2.0

Teaching your students how to "Show what they know through a Video" with the Clips app. This tutorial is for students and teachers alike. Enjoy! Kristen Brooks is a teacher in Georgia, she is also an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator). I found this tutorial on the hashtag #ClassroomClips

A tour of the features- Yes, it works on iPad even though the demo is on an iPhone!!


Very complete and detailed tutorials

Clips app: The ultimate guide- Click Here

A series of articles about the Clips app. This is a website with step-by-step instructions. How to use Apple's new Clips app for iPhone and iPad — and make all your social and shared videos faster and more easily than ever.


Hashtags to follow & explore for tons of examples using Apple Clips

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More resources to explore

Apple Clips App and telling stories in education


SAMR Explained-Using Apple Clips app

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Due ON or BEFORE Sunday, Dec 9, 2018, half credit automatically if submitted after 11:59pm

  1. Not completing the final exam project will negatively impact your grade. In fact, could potentially drop you an entire letter grade if not completed on time.
  2. It has numerous parts, so make sure to complete all parts and include everything required.
  3. It is worth 200 points total.
  4. 100 points each question.
  5. There are no right or wrong answers! But you must be thoughtful!
  6. Your final video Post needs to reflect deep thinking.
  7. Due ON or BEFORE Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018.
  8. Half credit automatically if submitted after 11:59pm on Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018.

This is completed BEFORE finals weeks begins!!

Make sure you.......

  • Use the NEW Apple Clips app to RECORD a separate reflection video for each of the 2 questions.
  • Make sure you turn on the LIVE titles feature.
  • You must use CLIPS and make a separate video for each Question.
  • You will have 2 videos to posted in Seesaw.
  • Save your Apple Clips recordings (2) to your photos, then upload each to Youtube so you can post each video to seesaw and each Padlet.
  • Make sure each question is stated at the beginning of your video. Use live titles!!
  • Feel free to use some of the fun features in Apple Clips you have learned about in the videos above and the Everyone Can Create iBook from earlier in the semester, it is encouraged to be a little creative. But keep in mind, the content of what you are telling us is KING and YOU are the STAR of your video!
  • Answer the 2 questions (100 points for each question).
  • A separate video for each question.
  • Make sure you post the correct question to the correct padlet.
  • URL to the Padlet for Question 1: https://padlet.com/ded318/fall18question1
  • URL to the Padlet for Question 2: https://padlet.com/ded318/fall18question2
  • Your video is posted in two places, in Seesaw and also on the 2 different Padlets (one for each question)

Keep in mind, the content of what you are telling us is KING and YOU are the STAR of your video!

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Video #1: Question 1- 100 points

State the question at the beginning of your video and don't forget to use Live Titles throughout.

Video #1: Question 1- 100 points

Dig back through your entire portfolio in Seesaw (yes, the whole thing), look at all you have accomplished and learned this semester.

Create a thoughtful reflection using you Apple Clips for your Reflection. This is...... Show and Tell. Think, discuss and show us what you have accomplished & learned this semester........a few ideas to get you thinking about what you can and might discuss, but don't limit yourself to these ideas.

  • What surprised you?
  • What made you think?
  • What has changed about your thinking with regards to technology in the classroom?
  • Dig through your Seesaw portfolio, Yes the whole thing.....re-read what you have written and done.
  • Reflect on your learning this semester.
  • What was your WOW moment or what has surprised you this semester?
  • Make sure your video represents scholarly thought and deep thinking!

Post to Seesaw and also to Padlet.

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Video # 2: Question 2- 100 points

Video # 2: Question 2- 100 points

Discuss at least TWO (2) tools that were your personal favorites from the semester and specifically why. Include an example of how you might use each tool in your own classroom.

  • In this final reflection, explain why you love the tool/app and how you see it being used in YOUR classroom.
  • Do a little editing in your clip video and make sure to include the app icons you are discussing and any other images that are appropriate.
  • Include images/screenshots for the app you are discussing.

Post to Seesaw and Padlet

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Reminder: Make sure you use the Live Titles Text feature. Point deducted if not!!

PADLET Add your video to Padlet, 20 points each padlet

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Add your Pinterest URL in Canvas, Week 15

DO NOT add your Pinterest URL until you have your 150. In other words, I will only check your Pinterest one time, so you will only get points up to 150 based on the number of educational pins at the time your turn in and I check.
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