Anti Bullying

By Amy Kearney & Emma La Scala

The different types of bullying -

The effects of bullying on an adolescents physical, social and mental health -

Physical Bullying -

Physical Health - Being bullied physically can leave you with injuries and bruises caused by being punched, kicked or abused.

Social Health - You can become afraid of the bully and not want to leave the house for school or sporting activities etc because home is your safe place.

Mental Health - Physical bullying can cause depression a low self esteem because the victim can no longer stand up for themselves.

Verbal Bullying -

Physical Health -

The cruel name calling could effect the way you think of yourself therefore your food intake and the amount of hours you should sleep for.

Social Health -

It can effect our Social Health because rumors can spread and your friendship group may begin too turn on you, you might find yourself sitting alone at lunch because nobody wishes to talk to you. This happens because the bully is trying to knock you off your social platform because of their own jealous against you etc.

Mental Health -

It can affect your self esteem, how you feel about your body/appearance and confidence levels. This is achieved by the bully because of the way they constantly insult and put you down.

Social / Emotional Bullying -

Physical Health - This type of Bullying can affect adolecsants by causing the amount of sleep we get too decline because of stress and anxiety over the situation.

Social Health - Social and Emotional Bullying can cause us to want too be alone and not socialise with others. This type of bullying can make us feel trapped within our devices therefore causing us to become grumpy and irritable.

Mental Health - It can affect our mental help by causing common issues like depression, anxiety and in an extreme circumstance can lead to self harm.

Strategies for coping with being bullied -

Physical Bullying -

If you find yourself in a situation when your being physically bullied the most important thing is to walk away take a 10 second breather. Never ever retaliate or fight back because it can cause the issue to escalate. Instead of making the problem even worse you should lean on a parent or counselor for support.

Hidden Bullying -

Don't let the rumours and rude remarks the bullies say get to you. It is best to build up your self esteem, not blame yourself and rely on your true friends to include you and be by your side in this situation. If you are being bullied by a group at school you may find comfort and belonging with friends outside of school. Speak to an adult or councillor.

Verbal bullying -

Although it might be difficult the most important thing is to walk away, ignore the bully, avoid them and remain calm. Let an adult know what's going on and if the bullies are consistent it could help too speak with a counsellor.

Cyber Bullying -

The most vital tip with this situation is turn off your device, block the user and collect evidence of the bullying (save texts, messages etc.)

Health resources aimed at supporting victims of bullying -