The Akhenaten Play club

Join our club every weekday at 5 pm-6 pm

attend the club for great fun and awesomeness!!

I would like you to join my club because it is a place where you can be free, and have fun,and also learn about new things.This club is also the place where you can party,play,and do cool things.If you look at the picture to the right you can see what we are going to be learning about and also doing things that involve with this certain pharaoh,his name is"Akhenaten".This is the person you will learn about.One of the many activities we are going to be doing at the club is doing skits.Skits are a way for your child to learn how to cooperate with his/her group members or friends in general.Another activity that we are going to be doing if working in not just groups but tribes.Tribes will help your child to learn how to cooperate with his/her friends.Another way tribes will help your child is so he/she will know how to make arts,crafts,and other ways to win challenges in this club

Signing up

All you have to do to sign up is ask your child if he/she wants to attend the club every week day from 5 to 6,then your child comes to school and looks for the sign up sheet on the hall of fame wall,next your child puts his or her name and your/parents phone number,finally waits for me to call that afternoon/evening or the next day.

Some of the most caring people your child will enjoy and love

So if you like doing skits,playing,and having fun then you need to attend The Akhenaten Play Club

If you have any questions contact me at www.Akhenatenplay/find

So if you have any questions or you are worried you won't get in (which you will if you sign up)than contact me in the website above or my phone number 704-806-9734.Have a nice day!!p.s on the right is my email profile picture.