Dead or alive Asta's son By: Johnny Neal


Asta's son has created trouble by stealing gold from the manor house, stealing wine from the church, turning his back to the priest, and staying out past cure few. If you catch him meet John Aycliffe behind the manor house after you get a messenger to get a letter to him. Once you talk to John bring him to your house and show him the boy, if you do not have the boy and tricked John you will be beheaded. He has a WOLF HEAD so if you find him you can kill him without going to jail. The boy is a madman kill him if you can. Asta's son broke into the manor house and stole gold. If you catch him immediately bring him to your home and tie him down or kill him.


The reward is valuable and is very helpful to you and your family. Asta's son is a crazy lunatic he stole money catch him and get very good rewards.The more you look you have a better chance of getting the reward. If you bring him to me alive you may even get a couple extra shillings. The man you are looking for looks skinny with black hair. If you catch him with many people I will make the reward personal to each. The reward will go to whoever brings John Aycliffe Asta's sons head!