ELA Project

By: Caleb Beasley

Noun Phrase

What is a noun phrase? A noun phrase is a sentence describing a person,place,thing or idea doing something. For example here is a noun phrase " The duck swam on the lake". The 'Duck' is the noun of the phrase.
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Verb Phrase

What is a verb phrase ? A verb phrase is a part in a phrase describing something the noun did or is doing. For example "The duck swam on the lake". 'Swam' is the verb in this phrase.
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Articles in the English Language

What are the articles in the English language ? Well there isn't a lot of them. In fact there is only three and they are ' The, A ,An '.
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Why is 'I' a Pronoun

Why is 'I' a pronoun you might ask. It's because if I said, "Caleb loves food". It would sound weird because my name is Caleb. Since my name is Caleb and I am saying something I like so I would say, "I like food".
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