Democratic candidate for 1960 elections. He was a senator from Massachusetts who had narrowly missed being the party's vice presidential candidate in 1956. His father was wealthy and a former American ambassador to Britain. He was a strong candidate who overcame doubts about his young age, and religion for he was catholic. He won the popularity barely with 49.9% and 303 to 219 electoral votes.

  • The New Frontier: Kennedy's plan, supports civil rights, pushes for a space program, wants to cut taxes, and increase spending for defense and military

    • Social program

    • steel management

    • tax cuts

    • control inflation

    • Civil rights

    • poor

The Cold War


  • Kennedy inherited from the Eisenhower administration a scheme to remove Fidel Castro from power by invading Cuba with anticommunist exiles
  • They were sent to trigger an uprising in Cuba that would sweep the country
  • On April 17, 1961, twelve hundred exiles landed in Cuba
  • No uprising occurred and the invaders were held in Cuban jails and ransomed to the US
  • Castro was pushed further into the Soviet embrace
  • In 1962, aerial photographs revealed Soviet nuclear-tipped missiles in Cuba
  • On October 22, 1962, Kennedy ordered a naval quarantine of Cuba and demanded the weapons to be removed
  • The US learned that the Soviets had ground forces in Cuba that were ordered to launch missiles if attacked
  • On October 28, Khrushchev agreed to terms and would pull the missiles out of Cuba
  • This is known as the Cuban Missle Crisis

Kennedy and Civil Rights

  • Kennedy's campaign concerned strong appeal to black voters
  • He promised the end to racial discrimination with a "stroke of a pen"
  • It took him almost two years to complete this task
  • After anti-Freedom Riders caused violence in the South, the Kennedy administration joined hands with civil rights
  • MLK and Kennedy shared a fruitful relationship
  • a Voter Education Project was inaugurated to register the South's disfranchised blacks
  • The integration of Southern universities provoked wholesale slaughter
  • University of Mississippi was difficult to desegregate
  • Kennedy was forced to send 400 federal marshals and 3,000 troops to enroll James Meredith, who encountered violent opposition, in his first class
  • MLK launched a campaign against discrimination in 1963
  • Kennedy delivered a nationally televised speech on June 11, 1963
  • Kennedy called the situation a "moral issue"
  • The violence still continued even with the help of Kennedy and MLK

Kennedy’s assassination

  • John F. Kennedy was assassinated on Friday, November 22, 1963 at 12:30 pm in Dealey Plaza Dallas, Texas.
  • The president was riding in a car with his wife, Jacqueline, the governor of Texas, and his wife Nellie.
  • He was shot in the head and rushed to Parkland Hospital where many attempts were made to keep him alive
  • His body was then flown back to Washington, D.C.
  • Vice president, Lyndon B. Johnson was inaugurated on the plane back to Washington on the same day of Kennedy’s death.
  • The suspect of his death was Lee Harvey Oswald