Diamond S.

Current Student

I am currently living in Northeast Nebraskan town and attending the local Jr. High School.

For fun I like to write and read stories about lost realms and different dimensions; the main struggle in it is finding your characters and keeping them in your head while you write. I play in the band for my school with the clarinet, and aside from the occasional struggle with my reeds it's going well. Reading about theories such as that of the Multiverse one and many other like it you could say I'm a large fan of radical ideas as well as coming up with them.

Some facts about me that might be important someday are as follows.

I'm a large fan of gardening and during the spring and such soil is typically found under my nails and between my toes. My favorite thing to plant are tomatoes and sunflowers and as a result those take up most of my garden.

When I'm stressed out I bake so it's very easy to tell when I'm under a lot of stress, most likely for a competition, as the oven tends to be going and the smell of baked goods will drift through the air.

For the last important thing about me I'm a natural night owl; I can't sleep at night so tiredness is almost always apparent unless I mange to to sleep in and the sleep I do manage is very poor in quality, waking up every hour to hour and a half to take a half hour to even try to drift off again makes for a poor sleep cycle, wouldn't you think?

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