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Running a Tight Ship With Laundry Services

Clothing services, whether in-house or off-site, can make the best use of money, time, manpower, and natural resources just by implementing a few key efficiencies in their day-to-day operations. We will look at some recommendations from experts construction business. Whether your business handles hospital linens, diapers, uniforms, or some of everything, these recommendations can lead to improved productivity.

Proper Load Size

Under-loading a washer will cause the laundry to float on the water's surface, even though overloading can result in some of the items not getting properly clean, or even wet. Overloading can also cause jams, that happens to be time and manpower consuming. Optimal load capacity varies depending on the type of material being washed, and its wetness content. If the items have large moisture content, you can increase the load to over 100 percent of usual capacity.

If you are not certain how a particular type of fabric will react in the wash, start by loading with 70 percent capacity and fine tune as you see the results. By determining the appropriate load size for any type of linen, you may be able to increase the amount of laundry you wash by as much as 25 percent with no additional time and equipment.

Turnaround/Hold Times

Turnaround time is the time between the completion of a wash cycle and the start of the following load. Having the next load prepared, labeled clearly, and ready to go reduces this turnaround time.

If you have canal washers rather than conventional washers, look at your hold time. Running a tunnel washer faster than the dryers are designed for the linen causes the tunnel to go on "hold. " It is better to lengthen the tunnel wash time period per pocket than to allow it to constantly go on hold. If you properly schedule the linen blend going through a tunnel, you can help keep the equipment running smoothly.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance of laundry accessories can help maximize performance, minimize down time, and extend the life of your equipment. Some new machines have built-in maintenance messages to remind laundry managers when daily, quarterly, and annual maintenance in needed. If your primary equipment does not have that, follow the manufacturer's preventive maintenance guidelines.

Extraction Rates

It is crucial to extract the maximum amount of water as possible from laundry before drying it. Regularly check for and remove drain valve obstructions. As soon as items come off of clothing, tablecloths, or medical linens in the wash, they can get trapped in a washing-extractors drain, keeping it from completely closing.

A machine spinning at 500 to 600 RPM is usually less efficient at extracting water during the spin cycle. A washer-extractor operating at 800 RPM decreases the amount of moisture by nearly half, cuts drying time by more than forty percent and reduces air usage by at least 35 percent. That is why it is important to know what your machines' extraction rates are.


If you happen to suspect a leak, listen for water entering the drain during a wash cycle. If you hear the idea, something is keeping the drain open. This maintence issue can cause thousands of gallons of water to remain wasted. Some modern washers have automatic leak detectors that signal when there is a blockage and a complicated control that can be programmed to conduct leak tests and send a message remotely if one is detected.

Electrical power Efficiency

You can lower energy use and expense by implementing chemical reducing solutions. Softening water cuts down energy usage, chemicals, and the amount of water necessary to wash linens.

Dryers can be a key culprit when it comes to electrical power waste. You can improve energy efficiency in your dryers by using heat exchangers, and ensuring that the machines get proper airflow and temperature.

All fluff and fold Newport News, va, whether they provide hotel, restaurant, diaper, or medical clothing services, can save money by taking a look periodically at the efficiency of their equipment, people, and processes. A much more efficient operation will also improve customer satisfaction.

With Natural Gas Price Projections for Summer, It's Time to Switch to a Commercial Laundry Service

The asking price of everything is rising, and natural gas is no exception. Natural gas prices are projected to be at an in history high this summer, and that increased cost per therm is going to translate to more expensive laundry for your business. Luckily, there is a way to avoid having to deal with the increase in natural gas costs. If you hire a commercial laundry service, you may avoid seeing the bill spike caused by natural gas prices and you can reap all of the benefits of having professionals usually tend to your linen needs.

Gas Heats Everything

For the majority of businesses (and homes, for that matter), natural gas can be a major part of the laundering process. It heats everything: your hot water and your dryer both rely on it for a heat, and you must have both working at their best to ensure that your linens are sanitized. There is simply no method to cut corners to try to save money on natural gas as long as you are operating gas water heaters and dryers-and moving everything to electric will cost you heavily initially while not saving you much in the long run.

Convert to Commercial

Instead of renovating your business's laundering facility into one that does not rely as heavily on natural gas, why not switch to a commercial laundry service instead? Their bulk business ensures that they receive the lowest possible prices with gas, and they are able to pass those savings on to their customers. Their super-efficient facilities also are able to approach far more of your linens per load than your machines can, creating another opportunity for savings.

True Cleanliness

In addition to being able to save on the price of natural gas (and the other costs of running your laundry facility), when you switch to a commercial laundry service, you will gain the benefits of having your linens truly sanitized. It is very challenging for businesses to sanitize their linens properly when they handle all laundry duties in house, but it is incredibly easy for a commercial laundry to do so. They have specially formulated detergents that are high powered enough to sterilize and sanitize linens from healthcare facilities, which means your linens will be completely clean. They also have specially engineered best practices for handling, transporting, and storing linens to ensure that they stay sterile once they are in your factories.
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