The Book Thief

Markus Zusak

Theme one- WAR

It is 1938-1943 in this book. The holocaust and World war 2 were both going on. Germany is going though a very outrageous time. As Leasil's Friends are getting rounded up because there Jewish. The Narrator of this book is Death and he gathers each person soul and takes it with him.

Theme two- Courage

The family of Leasil, takes in a young jewish boy who has been getting Accordion lessions from hans and hides him in the basement from the nazis. If they were found hiding him they all would be shot. Risking there lives to save a kid Never met him or anything. He needed a place to hide. Following that she goes out on adventures with him increaseing there chance of being caught. They go to the Jewish parade and hand out bread to the jews.


THEME three-Han's Accordion

During a night raid (bombings) Leasil takes cover in the basement while her parents are upstairs. Her home is struck killing her parrents. After the bombings she goes up and tries to find her father. They only thing she finds is his Accordion. At her fathers funeral That is the only thing she barried. She could still seeing him play it.

theme three- Han's Accordion

How all 3 of these themes War, Courage and Han's Accordion. In War there is always bad time, In the Bad times you have to do extreame things to keep yourself and others alive.

The center peice of this stroy is the accordion. It ended up saving some people and it ended up killing some.