Lord of the Flies

William Golding

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Marooned on a desolate island, a group of British schoolboys, who’s planed crashed upon the uninhabited island must fight for survival and keep a constant eye out for a potential savior. They’re plagued by a beast, dubbed “Lord of the Flies”, that begins to creep into the back of their minds, rooting fear deep in their already shaken bones. Consisting of meager ages of six to twelve the preadolescent children must find ways to maintain their alliance with each other lest they become an insane product of their terror. Will they sustain their humanity or tumble into the depths of the animalistic nature prodding right underneath their sunburnt skin and frightened tongues?

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Amazing! Truly shows the savagery that humans become susceptible to in times of fear and panic. -New Critics

This book shows that there are wars going on within ourselves as other, larger wars rage across the world. Truly a brilliant work! -Beetlejuice News