Racism in Canada

By: Tieana Ford 706

Donna Yawching

Donna is black/white middle aged women who has been affected by racism. She talks about what it was like being confronted by stranger and then insulted by racist comments

Kyla Pewis

Kyla is a girl who has just moved from Toronto to Brampton. She sits down with her camera and rants about the cons of the amount of indian people in brampton. Many people responded negatively towards this specific video earning 36 likes and 890 dislikes. After more research i did out of curiosity i found this shocking news.

Kyla Pewis

When i read it i was shocked because the video got so many negative comments and complaints, that the police had to step in.

I've Been Affected

I've been affected by racism in the previous year by an elder. Because i hung out with a group of black friends, we were considered a gang by this elder. And that got me thinking. If my friends and I were a group of friends of another race would we still be considered a "gang"? Or would we just be a group of friends? Nothing more and nothing less. That no matter what you do you can't avoid things like racism. Because at some point in our lives, we will either be the victim of racism or the offender in the situation.

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