Third Grade News from Mrs. C

March 9-13th

Tidbits From the Teacher

We have a matter of days until Spring Break. Homework will be short, sweet and fun for the week so enjoy! There is a survey for parents embedded in the homework. Students took the kid survey at school on Friday in class so please let the school know how we're doing!

Class Wish List

**Gum is allowed on testing days so please send a pack on up and we'll keep it safe for that day!!!

Lysol wipes

AA batteries

colored pens (they love Paper Mate Ink Joy pens- come in a colorful pack at Target OR Pentel WOW! clicker pens work too)

Dates to Remember

Mar. 9th: Art orders are due

Mar. 11th: Early Release

Mar. 16th: Parent Survey closes

March 16-20th: Spring Break!!

What We're Studying and Learning...

Reading: We will be working on context clues, showing our thinking by using special symbols when reading, and we'll work quite a bit on using main events to decide the theme of stories. The main events will be further practice with summarizing a story into 3 main points: the beginning, the middle, and the end. My class LOVES to retell a story with loads of details but it's really hard for many to just tell the most important 2 sentence part for the BME!! Wish us luck!

Writing: We are going to work on writing short stories of fiction. We'll begin by developing an interesting character and then write stories around him/her/it. I think we'll have fun with this!

Grammar/Spelling/Handwriting: We will focus on Daily Language Reviews, finish up our work with connecting letters in handwriting, and do a few spelling reviews in class.

Math: We continuing to work with numbers to a million. We'll also focus on adding, subtracting, and rounding numbers into the 3 digits. I will be changing homework after the break to meet the needs of individuals who need to work on specific concepts.

Social Studies/Science: We are going to move into looking at how species have variations within them. The variations are due to the environment and I think it's going to be very interesting to see how ladybugs, foxes, and rabbits can be different colors because of the season or where they live!