The soybean, sometimes also known as soya bean, originated in southeast Asia

farmers were the first to grow the plant in about 1100 B.C.

According to an ancient Chinese legend, the soybean's nutritious value was first discovered by a couple of traveling merchants approximately 5,000 years ago

Around 2838 B.C., the soybean was discovered as a useful ingredient for medicinal purposes.

Soybeans are rich in many nutrients

The British settlers brought soybean seeds from China and planted them in the colony of Georgia in 1765

According to the Ganyard Hill Farm website, the United States grows approximately 70 million acres of soybeans every year.

The soybean has officially been declared a cholesterol-lowering food item

Some of the most commonly used and found soybean products in the market include soy meal, soy flour, tempe, tofu and soy milk

Soy sauce, which is used in many cuisines, particularly Asian, is also made from soybeans.