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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Feast of Favorites

On Monday, November 20th, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with a Feast of Favorites! The feast will be our lunch. I will be providing tacos in a bag with all the fixings. The kids did some brainstorming. It's not as easy these days because the food has to be purchased or prepackaged. You'll notice that there is an "Other" slot just in case you come up with something that we forgot. Please click on the link below to contribute.

Enrichment Opportunities

Mrs. Coleates has presented these two options!

Robotics ~ All interested students may sign up for 4th Grade Robotics. These groups will meet during recess or some other time during the school day. There will be three sessions total scheduled sometime between December and February. This is not a play time, rather students are expected to attend knowing they will need to be on their best behavior and demonstrate their best effort. Kids can sign up with me through November 15th. I will then pass the names along to Mrs. Coleates.

Writers for Real ~ Students interested in this opportunity can nominate themselves. I have the paperwork! This is for kids who love to write and appreciate a challenge. All applications will need to be signed by a parent and are due back to Mrs. Coleates by December 21st.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We have been knee deep in multiplication for a few weeks now! Just this week, the kids have begun learning how to multiply a double digit number by a double digit number. Thank you for your patience as we continue to practice, make mistakes, and learn. All kids have been signed up to work in xtramath.org. Basic facts are not automatic for many students, which slows the multi-digit process down. There is a flyer in your child's Friday Folder that explains how you can access their school account and check their progress. The kids can access from home too. Every little bit of extra fact practice helps and will only make division that much easier. Clarification around Exit Ticket corrections.........original answers should not be erased or changed, corrections should be done on a separate sheet of paper stapled to the original task, no packets please.


Here it is.....the kick-off to PAWS! The students have brought home, in most cases, all the parts of the task. This assignment requires the students to write three paragraphs; an introduction, a paragraph full of explanation, and a conclusion. We have worked through all the steps of planning, drafting, editing, and final copy in the classroom. Next week, the first "real" assignment will be given to the kids. We'll start on Monday and all pieces will be due on Friday morning. Some of this work may have to be done at home depending how your child uses his/her time in the classroom. Parents are welcome to edit beginning next week too! If kids want me to edit, the draft has to be to me by Thursday morning to ensure I can get the work done before the end of the day. The final copy has to be signed by an adult at home. This usually takes a few weeks to get in the groove. I appreciate your patience! Look below to see the rubric I will use to score your child's PAWS. Next week's task will be related to hunting.


Kids will need to bring instruments on Tuesday, November 14th and Thursday, November 16th.

Important Dates

November 10 ~ Veterans Day Observed, No School

November 20 ~ Feast of Favorites

November 22-24 ~ Thanksgiving Break, No School

November 27 ~ Evening Parent Conferences

December 1 ~ Early Release, Parent Conferences

December 7 ~ Evening Parent Conferences

December 8 ~ Early Release, Parent Conferences

December 18 ~ Ornament Workshop - More Details Coming!

December 25 - January 1 ~ Christmas Break, No School