Much Ado About Nothing

By: Nolan Curry


Claudio falls in love with Hero

This happens at the very beginning of the play and sets up every thing that is about to happen. Without this there would not be any conflict because then do \n John wouldn't have anyone's life to ruin. This also revealed that Claudio did love hero because he said that he would do anything for Leonato to make up for Hero's death.

Don John tricks Claudio

Don John tricked Claudio into thinking that Hero had been unfaithful to him by having Hero's servant dress up in her clothes and pretend to be Hero. When she was dressed up as Hero's servant she was kissing Borachio. This led to Hero being banished and Claudio almost being killed. This shows that Don John would do anything to ruin Hero and Claudio's lives.

Benedick and Beatrice are tricked

Benedick and Beatrice are both tricked into thinking that the other has falling in love with them. This sets up a conflict later in the play where Beatrice wants Benedick to kill Claudio for falsely accusing Hero and Benedick says he will. This shows that Benedick will be willing to kill his friend because the woman he loves told him to.



The song Love the Way You Lie represents the theme of love for many reasons. One reason is because people throughout the play are being tricked into loving each other or being driven apart. Also Benedick is willing to fight and kill Claudio because the woman he loves told him to. It also represents the abusive relationship between Leonato and Hero even though she is his daughter and he should love her.