Abigail Adams

By:Delaney Fickle


Does the name Abigail Adams ring a bell? If not I don't blame you because she is rarely mentioned during the time of the Revolutionary War. Well today you are going to learn about her. In fact, you are going to learn about her early life. You are also going to learn about her later life. Finally, you are going to learn some additional fun facts. Now let's get into some more detail.

Early Life

Abigail Smith (her birth name) began her life on November 11th, 1744. She lived in a small home in Weymouth, Massachusetts with her father, mother, and three siblings. Her father Reverand was a minister. Her mother Elizabeth was a homemaker. As a child Abigail did not receive formal education. Instead she learned basic home skills like cooking, cleaning, and sewing. Abigail had low health conditions at this time which led her to be very inactive. That did not stop her from being very curious and interested in different things.Abigail had a harder life then you and I but she kept doing the things she loved.

Later Life

Abigail was becoming older day by day and soon enough she was old enough to get married and have children of her own. She later found the lover of her life John Adams. They later became a married couple on October 25th, 1764. They then had five loving children. First came Abigail that was nicknamed Nabby. Then came four more. Thomas,Charles,and John Quincy. She had a little girl named Suzanna but she later died before the age of two. Later, John was titled second president. Abigail was then the first woman to live in the White House. They moved to England and Abigail was a hostess for guests. Many years later Abigail's son John Quincy Adams became 6th President.Abigail later died October 28th,1818. I have covered most of the important events about Abigail. But wouldn't it be nice to learn some additional facts?

Fun Facts

There are some facts that weren't important to my topics. But why not add them in? Well, for starters when her husband was in France they sent letters back and fourth to each other. Later Abigail's grandson published a book filled with these letters. Abigail was also the first lady to be a mom and wife of a President. As a First Lady she had so much advice that people called her Mr. President. Abigail was a woman's rights activist. Finally, she lived through two wars between America and the British. Aren't those facts nice to know? They give me a little extra.


I hope you learned more about Abigail Adams than you knew before reading this. Unless you are a Abigail Adams professional.Well, today you learned about her early life.You also learned about he later life. Then finally, you learned some fun facts.Now you should know more about Abigail Adams. Hope you enjoyed!


First Lady: the wife of the current president

Hostess: someone who greets and entertains guests

Minister:a job where someone has to lead a church ceremony


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