communicating across the internet

what is the internet?

The internet is WAN connect directly together connecting through fibre optic cables underneath the ground or wireless network, routers which infer-structures around the world which all have servers that connect directly connected that controls websites, through various roots that helps people to communicate and research large amount of information . the WWW is the usage to connect with data.

The role of DNS server

  1. The node types the name & address typed in on search site.
  2. A DNS/domain named server is the place where it looks up the IP address.
  3. Once the IP address is found the data stored on in the IP address.
  4. it is broken up through packets to be sent and regathered when the destination is reached
  5. it sent through the infer-structure through the quickest root.
  6. Then is ready to be used by the node website is data is displayed.
  7. The clients computer through packets of data.