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Monday, November 23, 2015

Essential Component of Classroom

“Firm evidence shows that formative assessment is an essential component of classroom work and that its development can raise standards of achievement.”

P. Black & D. Williams (1998) inside the Black Box: Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment. Phi Delta Kappa, 80(2)

Applying Webb's DOK Levels in Reading

Level 3: Strategic Thinking (Habits of Discussion)

· Requires deep knowledge

· Students encouraged to go beyond text (Universal prompts; Build off others)

· Students asked to explain, generalize, or connect ideas

· Students must be able to support their thinking, citing references from the text or other sources (Evidence based)

· Items may involve abstract theme identification, inferences between or across passages, application of prior knowledge, or text support for analytical judgment about a text

Level 4: Extending Thinking (Habits of Discussion and in writing)

· Requires complex reasoning, planning, developing, and thinking most likely over an extended period of time, such as multiple works by the same author or from the same time period

· Students take information from at least one passage and are asked to apply this information to a new task.

· They may also be asked to develop hypotheses and perform complex analyses of the connections among texts. Some examples that represent but do not constitute all of Level 4 performance are:

*Analyze and synthesize information from multiple sources

*Examine and explain alternative perspectives across a variety of sources

*Describe and illustrate how common themes are found across texts from different cultures.

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