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Mammoths becoming popular

New discoveries reveals more facts about mammoths

The remains of an extinct animal named the "mammoth" were found by Paul Barron and Eddie Bufkin in 1978 when they commenced a search for bones. What they found was mammoth bones and has since became a national monument.
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The Ecosystem

Trees that once depended on animals like the wooly mammoth for survival have managed to adapt and survive in the modern world.the difference between 13,000 years ago and now is like the difference between Friday, December 31, 1999 and Saturday, January 1, 2000. We may assign those two days to different centuries or millennia, but they are still part of the same week. Likewise, all the animals and plants of 13,000 years ago belong just as much in the present

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Some religions in ancient time worshiped mammoths as gods and as a gift from gods. They thought the gods sent mammoths as a way of survival.They even believed that mammoths were holy creatures and that killing one meant your god cared for you. For the way they used mammoths to survived it stirred up faiths that there was a higher one watching over them.
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Big animals

Prehistoric animals were really big.

Just look!

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