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Apollo Carmix – Self Loading Concrete Mixer & Dumper

Easier Operations with Advanced Concrete Mixing Technology

Concrete Mixing-Most Important Work in Construction

Concrete mixing has to be done precisely as the ingredients can make the mixture become rigid in short time. Application of mixed concrete within the usable time frame is the right method to precede with flawless construction activities.

Ready Mix Concrete Usability

Methodologies keep on changing and this changing attitude with adaptability of recent trends remains a key route to business success. Concrete mixture is one of the new methodologies which have made a huge variation in construction work.

Self Loading and Manual Loading of Ingredients

As technical features are updated, construction becomes faster and easier. Self loading concrete mixer is one among the latest updates in concrete solutions. It reduces man power, production cost and above all remains a high performing option for the building industry.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self loading concrete mixer is compact equipment designed to serve for fast construction purpose. It is easily transportable to the construction spot and the advanced technology offers easier operation of concrete mixing.

Why Concrete Mix Equipment Design should be Flexible?

Concrete bears the property to become hard after a certain period of time. The consistency of concrete mixing should be perfect to apply in construction works. Manual mixing leaves way for wastage of materials as it is time consuming and the materials might become hard if the time taken to reach the construction spot exceeds. Flexible concrete solution like self stuffing mobile concrete plant will remain one time investment which can be accommodated to various building projects.

Technical Advantages of Self Load Mixer

The mobile concrete mixer is made of high quality materials which are tested for strength and durability. The technical configuration of drum, electronic batching technology, etc make the ease of operation easily adaptable to smaller, moderate and big projects as well.

Operational Benefits

Operation cost is very less as only a single operator can handle the machine. The mobile concrete blender provides optimal mixing performance and it is very easy to shift the plant from one site to another as it can move even on rough surface. It is one of the simplest machines among the concrete solutions.

Productivity Features

When it comes to productivity, mobile concrete mixer can be depended for increased mixing capacity on site. A single person can handle overall management of shifting the equipment, loading appropriate proportion of ingredients and monitor the blending operation.

Types of Construction Projects where Self Loading Mobile Concrete Plant can be applied

A variety of construction projects can be done by reducing the cost in concrete mixing to a great extent. Projects including housing and commercial projects, to roads, bridges, trenching, etc can be managed cost effectively with concrete mixer.

Apollocarmix-The Right Place to Find Technically Advanced Concrete Solutions

Apollocarmix is a joint venture of Apollo Infratech and Carmix, both known for supplying exclusive concrete equipments. Our 4x4 self-loading concrete blender is equipped with reliable and fast technology including 300* drum slewing, front cab, shovel that closes by hydraulic mechanism, electronic weighing method, etc. Get techincally advance concret solutions at http://apollocarmix.com/contact-us/.


Self stuffing Concrete mixer is a revised option available today that supports for easier and faster construction activities.