Amazing A Team

A team with heart * April 2016

Why are we amazing?

We are amazing because we share; we are consistent, and we support! We believe in each other and our businesses. We pray. We don't get discouraged, and if we do; we reach out for help! We are amazing because we have each other; amazing leaders and our God. Continue to be amazing ladies; step outside that "box" we all find ourselves in at times! Go on; be bold, be you!

Be like...

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Newbies! Welcome to the Amazing A Team!

Welcome to the Amazing A Team!

Anna Marr, Sponsor, Taylor Cornelius

Michaela Smith, Sponsor, Taylor Cornelius

Danielle Taylor, Sponsor, Taylor Cornelius

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TOP 10!!!! Congrats to these stars!

  1. Heather White 3775
  2. Jessica Mann 1248
  3. Jessica Ocenasak 1169
  4. Kristina Yerxa 1035
  5. Megan Rhodes 1028
  6. Sherrie Demell 943
  7. Amber Chiaramante 911
  8. Jennifer DeLoughary 784
  9. Taylor Cornelius 658
  10. Maria Robinson 445

Melissa Fietsam is a Genius!

Please watch!

Great Big Giveaway-Thirty-One Party in May

Tips on SELLING!

It’s true! When you help Customers get more for less through effective selling techniques, you boost sales at the party and create opportunity for more sales through booking!

Here are some easy ways to share these solutions before, during and after the party using our Catalog:

Before the Party

While you're helping your Hostess prepare for her party through Hostess coaching, invite her to check out the Everyday Solutions collections in the Catalog. Ask her which solution she and her guests will be most interested in learning about during her party.

During the Party

Using the Catalog to showcase Everyday Solutions allows you to highlight the features of every product without actually having the whole collection at your party.

Whenever a Customer is excited about the solutions, share how she can get the entire collection for less – all she has to do is buy a set today and then host her own party to save on the rest!

Watch the Party Demonstration video on TOT to see how you can share Everyday Solutions at your party!

After the Party

Customer care calls will help you continue to build on the relationships that were formed during the party. Whenever you're following up with a Customer, have her order form in front of you so that you can reference the products she purchased. Be sure you have invited her to be a part of your customer group on Facebook!

Remind her about Everyday Solutions and how she can get the rest of the collection for less by hosting her own party. Tell her how easy it is to host a party, and ensure her that you'll walk her through every step of the process.

Contact Amy!! Reach out and share your goals with me! Send a FB Message, email or text!

Amy Meyer
Thirty-One Gifts, Senior Director

Facebook: Amy's VIC (Very Important Customer Group)

Facebook: Amy's Amazing A Team

Phone: 269.267.4995

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