Resources for my Classroom

These YouTube videos are fun and engaging for students. The information in them is a great tool to reinforce concepts or to introduce them for further discussion. I plan on using these videos, as well as creating my own on the Educreation App for iPad.
Facts about Human Evolution
You're an Omnivore Song
The Times and Troubles of the Scientific Method
Why Ferns Have More Chromosomes Than You
Why No Giant Mammals?

Life in the Valley of Death

This is about tiger conservation and the process of creating a protected reserve for them. Executive Director for Science and Exploration at the Wildlife Conservation Society based at the Bronx Zoo discusses his new book which details his efforts to create the world's largest tiger reserve in Myanmar's Hukaung Valley.

What a Plant Knows
Plants are able to sense things to help them survive that humans cannot. This podcast tells students all the wonderful things plants can do, and we need them to continue doing this for our survival. Without plants, we wouldn't be here!

ESL Podcast Gives a breakdown on how to handle the ESL program and students that are EL in the classroom. This is a great video for all teachers to watch since students who are EL are becoming more prevalent in the classroom.

Brain Science Podcast
As a scientist, I find this series interesting because it explains how the brain works. A medical doctor breaks down the basic science behind the brain. Students would find this a little dry, but it is a good resource.

The Basics of Fracking
This is a great current event and scientific explanation of fracking. Students could weigh in on the merits and disadvantages of this technique. Great class discussion starter and makes students think at the HOTS level.

Useful websites:

This program allows teachers to make up their own Jeopardy game! I could use this as review for tests, or to help test prior knowledge. Great program!

Google Docs

Google Docs allows students to collaborate on a number of documents online. They don’t have to meet to complete a project; they can all go online to work. It is a great resource.

Chartle is a site that creates interactive graphs. In science, we use a lot of graphs to represent information. Students remember graphs and charts very well, even if they don't recall the rest of the information. Being able to make these interactive brings a whole new level to charts!


This allows you to embed slide shows into your blog. As we all know, this can be a chore. Why not get help from this site to make life easier!! Students could use this as well.

Teacher TV

This site gives guidance on teaching careers, school policies, educational videos, and a general rundown of the school system. If you need information on education, this is a good site.

This is a great site for making your own flow charts. As I have stated before, science is all about charts and graphs. This tool is useful for the teacher who wants to create a special chart tailored to their students' needs.

Students can access study guides prepared by teachers. This gives them the extra help they need, while not placing a lot of pressure on the teacher.


Ever want more fonts? This site has them all for you. Students will love the variety and so will teachers. Times New Roman has nothing on these!


This site has free social music, some of which is educational. Found some songs about science that might be entertaining for students. Worth a look!