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my horses

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I wanted to tell you about my horses and how I got interests in this hobbie.

When I born 1996 in february, my father and his parents had a sheeps and horses. When I start getting older and could go with my father to the stable I loveded it so much go to riding, whatever how the weather was. My first horses was from my grandmother, his name was Rúbín. He was the best horse ever, go nice and kind. Sins I couldn´t ride him any more because he got so old, I have 1 other horses. His name was Glampi, he was fine, but not as good as Rúbín, but ofcourse a nice horses. And when I was 14, I got a gift from my father a horse in confirmation gift. His name was Stjarni and i have ride him for a while, he is the best horses after Rúbín. Stjarni was black with a star. I loved ride him all times. Now we have sell Stjarni and that was hurt see him leave, besause he was so nice. But I and my father chance. My father was going to sell one horses, I olso loved. He had that chances to be good horses in competition, so I and my father make a deal and chance, I got Fákur, so I could go and try to competition more, as I wanted, and dad got Stjarni back and sell him to a horserent Eldhesta. But Fákur is my best friend now. We have do alot a thingd together now and we are like friends. I have bin training him by my self last two years at least. Last winter when he came in to the stable again after his 3months break I feel it in first rid that this horses is going to be ready more and going to be good this summer or now it all can happends,like I thought this was going to be good summer, it was. We won a second winter competition here in Selfoss, and that was I really surprice and fun. We got in to compete in Landsmót at Hella in end of Juni. Ended in 9th place in tölt competition in easter time, and so many other things happend this summer. We competition a lot this summer and this is just getting started. To krone this summer and year 2014 we won our last competition close Hvolsvöllur, as was just go on tolt front and forward, that was olso surprise but alot fun day and happy and good ending this summer before he started his 3 months break. This day was one of the best day this summer, so fun and I hear in people say that they have never seen my horses so good as he was that day. :D Now when I have started train him for this summer for a month, he is going to be great horses. I feel go good feeling every single time I train him every day, 5days a week. This is going to bee a good summer I hope and the work trainin him last years will show in competition how good and greate this horse is and how lucky I am own him my self. My friend try him few weeks ago and she say," you are going to win something on him this year, he is really fun and good".

These pictures down here is from the last competition 2014 in Vallarmót, and second on tells you a goot work will show you good thing. Toppictures is from 2012 end the other pictures is from this summer. 2years training show something good work.