Book Room and Reading A-Z

Just a few things to please keep in mind

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Bookroom Books

Please Please Please

As you clean up, pack up, and put away, please keep your eyes out for any book room books (with stickers on the back) and get them down to the book room. ALSO, If you borrowed books out of the crates or shelves that aren't stickered yet, PLEASE get those sets of multiple copies down to the book room area. The week after school is out, I will be going through the book room, organizing the new books to be stickered, and getting them into the book room. We already have the book list for the data base, so I envision a lot of missing books if we don't get all our sets down in that area. Thank you!

As you are putting books away, just remember the book with the big information sticker needs to be seen and the chapter books (independent reads up in the loft) are organized by title NOT author or series. The Read Aloud section downstairs is also by title. Please watch the C's and the D's. I have found books with the number matched (eg 5762) but in the wrong section (D2 v D1). The intervention team will be straightening the book room between groups on Monday and Tuesday. So if you put books away after that make sure you put the book with the big information sticker so it can be seen and in the right location.

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Reading A-Z books

Just as above, if you have any multiple copies of reading a-z books you printed, if you get them to the loft, I will add them to our google doc inventory list after I am finished with the book room. I will make sure it is shared with everyone next year so you can search it first before you print or if you print a new story, you can add it to our East Reading a-z data base.
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Sticker party!

When the books, boxes and bags are ready, it would be great if you could give an hour and help me sticker. I will send an electronic invite when they are ready. I'm aiming for the end of the week right after school. Please let me know if you'd be willing to help and I'll add you to the invite list.
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