Gabriel's Fall News


Science & Social Studies

We just finished our Astronomy unit and are well into our Weather unit. We are learning all about the water cycle and how the water we drink was the same water that dinosaurs drank!

In social studies, we are busy learning about the first permanent colonies in North America. As we learn more about the thirteen colonies, each student will choose a particular trade to research. The final project will be exciting and we will invite parents in for presentations. Look for an email near the later part of November.

ELA & Math

In reading, we continue to practice determining the main idea and supporting details of nonfiction texts. We will be working toward writing multi-paragraph opinion pieces, supporting our opinions with relevant details. We have discussed both sides of issues such as whether or not schools should have uniforms, whether or not television is bad for children, and if telling white lies is okay or lies shouldn't be told at all. I was not surprised to hear that most students were NOT in favor school uniforms. :) Your child will continue to have word study homework each week with a test at the end of the packet.

In math, we will continue with multiplication, expanding our skills to include multiplying two and three digits by one digit. This will lead into multiplying two and three digits by two digits. I am proud of their progress so far. They are learning quickly the steps in solving multidigit problems. Their only struggle remains in fact memorization. Please continue to review multiplication facts nightly, as we will continue to have timed quizzes.

Contact Info

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