Civil Engineering

Cody Denton

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is the process of designing and creating large construction projects that are occupied by humans on a daily basis. Examples of these projects include: Office buildings, dams, bridges, highways, airports, etc.

Why am I interested in this field?

This particular field interests me because it allows me to take advantage of my creativity skills to design and construct a work of art that will benefit or entertain the people of my community, therefore improving their way of life. I excel in Math and Science, skills required as a Civil Engineer, so I felt like this field would be the right fit for me.
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Additional Information

Daily Duties:

  • Analyze the cost of a particular project and ensure you are not going over your limit.
  • Ensure the project is safe for both the environment and people.
  • Acquire and test multiple building materials to see which material is best for the project.
  • Check the soil at the project site to ensure a strong foundation.
  • Use design software to design the project.
  • Follow government regulations.
  • Manage the repair of a project.
  • Share your progress with the public and consider their opinions and recommendations.
  • And many more!
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Starting Salary:

The starting salary for most Civil Engineer is $49,540.
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Education Requirements:

To become a Civil Engineer, one must graduate from an ABET accredited school (to be eligible for a Professional Engineer License) with at least a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. However, a master's degree is recommended. Classes that should be taken during education include: Math, Statistics, Engineering Mechanics and Systems, Fluid Dynamics, and other classes depending on the civil engineer's specialty. These classes will include traditional learning, lab work, and fieldwork.
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