Mendham Genius Bar Update

January 2015

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The screencasting module is now live in Camtasia. Screencasting is an essential skill which all geniuses are required to master. Throughout the year we will be creating screencasts for Mendham High School in addition to other high schools throughout New Jersey.

In place of writing an app review for the month of January, please complete the Screencasting module in the online Genius Bar Course by February 1st. To earn your Screencasting badge and complete the module, you must submit a 1 to 2 minute screencast edited and produced in Camtasia for Mac or PC.

*Directions for the screencasting project can be found in Haiku

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Sometime in the near future we will be hosting a tech night for parents at Mendham High School. As part of genius bar staff, you will be conducting several presentations that evening.

If you haven't done so already, please select a topic from the list posted in November's meeting agenda or add your own. Possible topics include Chrome, Chromebooks, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Haiku. Once you have selected a topic, do some digging and read up on your area of expertise. Begin thinking about some key points you could share with parents to assist them in understanding your topic.

You are more than welcome to present with another genius. Additional information can be found in the corresponding tech ticket.

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Genius Bar Fund Raising Event

For our January meeting, please bring several ideas for events we might host to raise awareness about the genius bar and generate funds for the Library Media Center. The money raised could be use to purchase additional equipment including a 3D printer for student use.
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Housekeeping Items

Review the genius bar shift schedule each week. Make sure to continue to sign in and out during your shift. Also check the ticket queue daily. As always, the digital signage can be updated whenever you are working as this changes frequently.

The topic for our January meeting will be network (wired and wireless) troubleshooting techniques.